We invite you to relax and be pampered in the healthy warmth and enticing aromas of our infusions. All of our special infusions take place in the Finnish Sauna and are available free of charge and without prior booking.

10:00am Fruity stimulant
11:00am Salt Infusion
(Salt Peeling)
12:00am Time of peace
1:00pm Fire and Ice
2:00pm Salt Infusion
(Salt Peeling)
3:00pm Hellfire
(real hot)
4:00pm Daisy with coffee & tee
5:00pm Swiss mountain herbs
6:00pm Salt Infusion
(Salt Peeling)
7:00pm Daisy with coffee & tee
8:00pm Fire and Ice
9:00pm Salt Infusion
(Salt Peeling)
10:00pm Time of peace
11:00pm Good Night Infusion
12:00pm Good Night Infusion

We offer the turquoise marked infusions on fridays & saturdays.



Sauna World

Enjoy pleasant fumes and fragrances in an urban bath culture. Precious materials and the minimalist architecture of the thermal bath provide the suitable frame for a relaxed bath, sauna and wellness.

Steam Bath (Dampfbad)

The temperature in the steam bath moves between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius. The dampness reaches to a value of 100 %, that has a cleaning effect on the respiratory tracts.

Finnish Sauna

Our largest and hottest sauna is the Finnish Sauna. Alternating special infusions make the sauna a very special experience. 90 degrees Celsius, 10% humidity.

Himalaya Salt Sauna

65 degrees Celsius / 40% relative humidity.
One wall of our salt crystal stone sauna is completely covered with illuminated Himalayan salt crystals. While using the sauna guests breathe in the energised air – an enlivening freshness we all know from coastal or mountain regions. The warm, orange coloured light which is diffused by the back-lit Himalayan salt crystal has an invigorating and relaxing effect and promotes creativity and vitality.

Kelo Panorama Sauna

80 degrees Celsius / 15% relative humidity
In the Kelo Panorama Sauna you can enjoy the classic sauna experience. The wind-tanned Finnish kelo wood is viewed by the Finns as the king of woods for building saunas.

Honey Treatment

Between the phases of infusions nurturing honey is massaged into the warmed skin. The honey has a nourishing, blood flow encouraging and lightly inflammatory inhibiting function. After the Honey Treatment the skin feels soft and smooth.

Classic Infusion

The classic and invigorating infusion with fragrant essential oils.

Salt Treatment

The fragrant moisture and heat of the sauna opens the skin's pores. By massaging your skin with salt the dead cells are cleared away. Through this regeneration is stimulated leading to enhanced levels of detoxification, blood flow and nourishment for the skin.

Fruit Room

For an exotically fruity steam we provide you with a fruity refreshment.