Entrance fees

2 hours: Multi-ticket (11):
19,50 € 195,– €
4 hours: Multi-ticket (11):
24,50 € 245,– €
1 day: Multi-ticket (11):
29,50 € 295,– €
Bathrobe* 5,– €
Swimwear* 5,– €
Sauna towel* 3,50 €
Slippers 3,50 €

* = to rent
Cash or EC card

Opening hours


Friday to Saturday:



A temple of relaxation

The Liquidrom is situated in the heart of Berlin. Why not leave the hectic pace of city life behind you and enter a sensory waterworld? The springs quality materials and simple, minimalist architecture offer demanding city-dwellers the perfect surroundings for relaxing bathing, saunas and ultimate wellbeing.

Experience oceanic music

The centrepiece of the Liquidrom is the darkened dome with its warm saltwater pool. Moonlight shines through the circular window at its highest point. Colours and light intermingle underwater with classical music, electronic melodies or whale songs. Let the musical current take you.


The sauna area and the darkened dome pool are quiet relaxation areas - please respect other guests and keep conversations to a minimum.

Please wear swimwear in the darkened dome pool. This is mandatory.

Please take a shower before using any sauna or pool.

The Liquidrom offers a variety of exquisite food and drinks. Eating and drinking is only allowed in the gastro lounge area.

Please use a towel in the sauna. This is mandatory to protect the wood from sweat.

Please use a towel on all relaxing chairs.

Swimwear is not allowed inside the sauna. Please use a towel to cover yourself if wanted. In all other areas you may use a towel or bathrobe out of consideraton for other guests.

Swimwear and towels are not allowed in the steam room. Please clean the bench with the hose before sitting down and before leaving the room.

Please do not reserve any relaxation chairs. Our staff is advised to remove your belongings.

It is forbidden to use any mobile phones or cameras in the Liquidrom.