Aquatic Body Massage


Learn to trust, let go and enjoy. Watsu is a physically liberating and deeply spiritual experience. Safe in the expert hands of our experienced Watsu practitioners, stress and body tension can give way. Experience a holistic deep relaxation and the three-dimensional freedom of movement in water.

During this aquatic body massage, you will be mindfully moved and stretched in warm salt water through weightlessness. Combined with flowing movements and the security of being carried and safe, you will be able to relax deeply. You are welcome to have this wonderful experience.

Allow yourself a wonderful time out to let body, mind and soul vibrate in harmony. Regular Watsu session is always offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Aquatic massages for expectant carrying parent as well as open questions or other appointments you are welcome to ask in advance by e-mail:

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Singlesession Aquatic Massage

Let go and center yourself again. Experience the freedom of three-dimensional movement in warm salt water. Physical and mental energy imbalances can be released as if by themselves. A person treated in this way reaches deep, inner peace in a playful way.

45 Min* 75 €

65 Min* 95 €

85 Min* 115 €

Doublesession Aquatic Massage

Enjoy the complete weightlessness of relaxation for two. Warm salt water leads to deep relaxation with flowing movements, connects, rediscovers joy and serenity and improves the flow of life energy.

65 Min* 95 €

85 Min* 115 €

Aquatic massage for
carrying parent

Experience the unlimited freedom of floating in the brine. Let go of your thoughts and discover the peace and serenity of the water world. Experience a special preparation for the future time with the offspring. This massage is offered from the 12th week of pregnancy.

65 Min* 95 €

85 Min* 115 €

* per person (plus spa entrance)
For Watsu, the following contraindications must be observed.