NEWWatsu and AquaRelax
every Wednesday

WATSU UND AQUATIC-FLOW | single session 30/60 MIN.

Watsu is the further development and adaptation of Shiatsu in body-warm water. A Watsu session leads to deceleration on the body level. The musculature relaxes, the joints are loosened, the body and the spinal column are realigned. Watsu is a physically liberating and deeply spiritual experience. Experience the flow of life and the body in all its dimensions. In the expert hands of our experienced Watsu provider Stefan Zelina, stress and body tension can give way. Learn to trust and let go and enjoy unintentional touch.

At Aquatic-Flow we immerse ourselves in a three-dimensional, aesthetic dance under water. Like at the place of our first home, the amniotic fluid, we experience oceanic feelings. Space and time step into the background.

30 Min 45 € + admission to the spa*

60 Min 75 € + admission to the spa*


AquaRelax is a holistically oriented form of new water therapies developed on the basis of aquatic bodywork. AquaRelax works with special water cushions and pool noodles and uses elements of aquatic bodywork, meditation, breathing and perception exercises as well as massage as an effective way of relaxation. AquaRelax promotes physical, social and psychological well-being and is an effective method of deep relaxation.

AquaRelax respects the limits and individual characteristics of each body and is suitable for all people, young and old.

AquaRelax can also be easily implemented in groups with the support of appropriate aids. In small groups the participants are instructed in pairs. Our experienced AquaRelax trainer Stefan Zelina supports and accompanies you to experience the experience of carrying and being carried in warm water. The result is a space of encounter and togetherness in a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

60 Min 20 € + admission to the spa*

* The time of the meeting will of course be credited to you!


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