Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our minimalist
oasis of well-being.

We will readily answer the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ section. If your questions and answers do not appear there, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you! This also applies if questions arise on site or anything should not be to your complete satisfaction.


Should I reserve in advance with an online ticket reservation?

An online ticket reservation gives you, especially with a longer journey, the security for an entrance and avoids long waiting times.Just use our reservation system, on this homepage. If you come spontaneously, you should allow for a little waiting time, depending on the time of day. It may also be that you do not get a free time slot on that day.

Can I change my booking afterwards?

In principle, once a booking has been made, it can unfortunately no longer be canceled. However, we do offer registered customers the option of postponing their planned visit. Tickets purchased online can be postponed up to one hour before the booked time. Unfortunately, this is not possible for guest bookings for data protection reasons.

Do masks have to be worn inside the SPA and sauna?

The mask requirement has been lifted without replacement. You are of course still free to wear a medical mouth-nose protection.

Do you offer drinks and food?

Yes, the bar is open during regular opening hours.
Hot food with snacks, bowls and tarte flambée is available daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Can I rent towels, flip-flops, swimwear and bathrobes?

Renting towels, swimwear and bathrobes for a fee is easily possible. Flip flops can be purchased on site (to take away). Just ask at the reception.

Do you offer parking facilities?

Our SPA is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car. You can also park in the nearby underground car park on Stresemannstraße.

Can massages be booked without an entrance ticket?

If you treat yourself to a massage, you do not necessarily need an admission ticket. However, if you visit our SPA afterwards, you will need a ticket. A two-hour ticket is the cheapest solution here and of course you will receive a time credit for the duration of the massage and you can let it have its effect on one of our loungers or in the pool or sauna as you wish.

Is the Liquidrom open every day?

We welcome you daily from 9am to midnight and on Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 1am. Please note that we have special opening hours on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Can I reserve tickets online in advance

To secure your entry as well as to allow a quick check-in it is easiest to reserve your ticket online before your visit. When reserving a ticket, an amount of € 2.50 per person will be charged and paid directly via instant bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. An online ticket reservation gives you, especially in case of a longer journey, the security for an entrance and avoids long waiting times.

Can I bring food and drinks with me?

We serve delicious food and drinks in our catering area. For this reason, unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring your own provisions.

Is there a dress code?

The entire sauna area is completely textile-free. The large floating pool may only be used with swimwear. In all other areas you may decide for yourself.

Can I use my smartphone in the facility? Do you offer WiFi?

Unfortunately, we have to answer both questions with a "no". Photo-enabled devices are not allowed at our facility, which includes tablets and notebooks in addition to smartphones. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions for legal reasons. Please note that a SPA and wellness area is a place of tranquility and supposedly urgent phone calls or business emails do not fit into our concept of tranquility.

Are there separate changing rooms?

We only offer communal changing rooms, in which you still maintain your privacy with separate men's and women's areas.

Do you have a birthday rate?

Even if the birthday is a great day of honor, we do not have a special price for this occasion.

Do people with handicap have to pay attention to anything?

As usual, guests receive free admission for an accompanying person upon presentation of an ID card marked "B". The impaired person with proof can only book an online ticket for themselves in advance - online booking is recommended to secure your place. The accompanying person will receive free admission on site.

From what age are you allowed to enter the LIQUIDROM?

Admission is only permitted from the age of 18. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 may only be admitted if they are accompanied by a guardian or a person authorized to act as their legal guardian.

Do I have to book extra for an event/ music evening.

No, you book your time slot normally and pay the regular ticket price on site minus the online deposit.

I have received a time credit, how do I redeem it?

Your time credit is only ever valid in conjunction with a regularly purchased ticket and guarantees you an extra hour at the booked rate for free. Only one is redeemable per ticket.


Do you offer online tickets?

Yes, to allow for a quick check-in, we recommend that you reserve a time slot in advance at

Can I postpone my booked time slot?

A change of appointment is sometimes unavoidable, but possible online at any time. Please remember our deadline of at least one hour before the booked time slot. If you exceed this, the time slot cannot be changed and is considered booked.

What does my online ticket include?

The online ticket is reservation and deposit for your desired freely selectable ticket/time slot. A reservation gives you, especially in case of a longer journey, the security for an entrance and avoids long waiting times.Your reservation is only valid in the booked time slot and is not transferable.
The remaining ticket price is payable on site during your visit. Your deposit will of course be credited.

How do I pay for my online ticket?

The payment process is possible via PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or credit card. The booking is completed with an email confirmation and the successful payment. Please also check your spam folder. A redemption of value vouchers is also possible.

Do I have to print out my ticket?

After successful payment, you will receive your admission ticket in PDF* format, which you should either print out or present electronically, for example on your smartphone, on the day of your visit.

What payment methods are accepted?

On site we accept EC cards and VISA as well as MasterCard and cash payment.

Can I stay longer with a booked time slot?

An extension of the stay is possible on site. The surcharge for each half hour or part thereof is 2,50 EUR.

I have a 11er card, do I have to book in advance?

We recommend a reservation in advance even with an 11er card. The deposit will be charged as a value voucher and/or refunded later if not used. Without a reservation, we can otherwise not guarantee admission.

Should I use my merchandise voucher for my online ticket reservation?

In principle, this is possible, but after booking you will only receive a residual value voucher and the services on it expire. Therefore, it is recommended to pay the deposit yourself and redeem the voucher in full on site. The deposit will be refunded to you on site.

Do I have guaranteed admission with a purchased online reservation?

Yes, but even with an online ticket there may be short waiting times. In certain cases, we can refuse admission despite an online reservation due to our house rights. The reservation fee will then be refunded to you on site.


Do you also offer vouchers?

Gift vouchers are a first-class gift idea: for yourself or for someone you want to make happy. You'll find a wide selection in our online shop and can print them out on site, which means delivery takes just a few minutes. If you opt for postal delivery, it may take a few days.

Can vouchers be rebooked?

It is not possible to rebook the service on a voucher. If you want to be on the safe side and remain flexible, you should therefore opt for a value voucher, which gives you the choice.

How long are vouchers valid?

By law, gift certificates* are valid for three years from the date of purchase. However, we go one step further and offer you the following goodwill rule:
Service vouchers (admission, massage, packages) are offset against the then valid price for the service printed on the voucher. Depending on the expiration date of the voucher, an additional payment may be due in the amount of the price adjustment made in the meantime.
Vouchers of value: In case of a value voucher (with an imprinted Euro amount), you may simply ignore the expiration date - these never lose their value with us until the redemption date.

Please note, however, that vouchers cannot be redeemed for online bookings once the printed date has passed. Just bring your voucher with you when you visit.

*Vouchers created by LIQUIDROM as part of promotional or marketing activities, so-called promotional vouchers, expire without exception on the date printed on them. (e.g. on Instagram, raffles on the radio, etc.).

My voucher package also includes a massage. Should I reserve this in advance?

Yes, as we cannot guarantee a free massage appointment on site. It is best to register via e-mail to

My voucher has no code and no expiration date.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that these vouchers are very old and were also issued only for promotional and marketing activities. In the meantime, the prices have changed so much that we can only offer you the 2-hour Sauna & Therme ticket as a gesture of goodwill.

My voucher has no expiration date.

If your voucher has no expiration date, it was issued before 2018. We will gladly redeem it for its current value on site. However, please note that there will be an additional payment for the voucher in the amount of the price adjustment made in the meantime.

Can I pay with a voucher?

If you have a voucher, you can also use it online. Please note that service and product vouchers are linked to the corresponding service or product. Makes sense, right?

Additionally, please note that vouchers cannot be redeemed for online bookings after the date printed on them has passed. Just bring your voucher with you when you visit.

I have a coupon from the Sauna Guide. Can I redeem it with you?

We would like to inform you that due to a current legal dispute regarding the trademark rights between the "Saunaführer" and the "Sauna Guide", digital vouchers from both apps cannot be accepted.

This decision is unfortunately necessary to avoid possible misunderstandings and multiple redemptions via different channels. We understand that this may be an inconvenience for you and we sincerely regret this.

The redemption of paper coupons from the "Sauna Guide" book is still possible. Please bring the original "Sauaführer" book with the coupon with you on your next visit. We will then stamp the coupon in the book on site.

Special voucher, what does it include?

What does my voucher "All-round care package for 2 persons" include?

2x day ticket sauna & thermal bath
2x 50min. Traditional – Signature Massage
2x Aperol Spritz

This voucher can only be redeemed together with 2 persons.
Please ask for your massages in advance!

What does my voucher "All-round care package for 1 person" include?

1x day ticket sauna & thermal bath
1x 50min. Traditional – Signature Massage
1x Aperol Spritz

Please ask for your massages in advance!

What does an ESCAPE ticket include?

With this ticket you can escape the daily grind for a few hours and enjoy some carefree time. You will receive a ticket for a 3-hour stay in our sauna and thermal spa including a Classic laundry package (1x bathrobe + 1x sauna towel).

What does my voucher "Short Break" include?

3 hours sauna & thermal bath
1x 25min. Refresher – Short Massage

Please ask for your massages in advance! You can do this easily online.

What does my voucher "Long Break" include?

4 hours sauna & thermal bath
1x 50min. Traditional – Signature Massage
1x rental linen package classic (1x bathrobe, 1x sauna towel)

Please ask for your massages in advance! You can do this easily online.

I have a Wellness Day Classic, Superior or Deluxe voucher, how can I redeem it?

These vouchers have been expired for some time, but can be offset against other services on site. If you have any questions, please feel free to email:

I have a Ritual Urban, Ritual Klang or Ritual Flow voucher, how can I redeem it?

These vouchers can be used on site with other services. For Ritual Flow, for example, we recommend our Long Break. If you have any questions, please feel free to email:

Can I use my voucher as a means of payment?

Vouchers can be used as a form of payment online. If you cannot find a code on the voucher, it is best to contact us via email at However, service and product vouchers can only be used for the service/product.

Can I partially redeem or split my service/product voucher?

No, you cannot share or split a service/product voucher, you can only redeem it for yourself at once.

Our sauna area

What do I have to take in the sauna area?

If you would like to use our sauna area, you will need 2 towels at best and a bathrobe if necessary. You can borrow both for a small amount.

What are the rules in the sauna area?

We have prepared spa guidelines for you, which summarize all the rules for visiting the sauna. Experienced sauna-goers will know these rules anyway.

Is it possible to reserve loungers in the sauna area with a towel?

Please avoid "reserving" or blocking loungers with a towel. We will make sure that there are enough loungers available and will be at your disposal for all your questions and needs.

Can I wear swimwear in the sauna?

The saunas as well as the steam bath are textile-free areas. We therefore ask that you refrain from wearing a bathing suit or bikini.

Do you also have a solarium or the possibility to tan?

At the moment we do not offer solariums.

Is the steam bath open/are infusions taking place?

The steam bath is open, and infusions take place and are washed down.

Wellness and treatments

How can I book treatments?

If you would like a massage or any other treatment, please book it online or by phone.

What deadlines do I have to meet?

In principle, there are no deadlines for booking wellness appointments. However, demand is high, so we recommend booking at least three weeks in advance to be safe.

Can appointments be cancelled? When does this have to be done?

Cancellation is sometimes unavoidable. Please remember our deadline of at least ten hours before the appointment. If you fall short of this, we will unfortunately have to charge you for the treatment. Late arrivals will result in a shortened treatment and cannot be credited.

Do the massages take place unclothed or clothed?

For massages and treatments, you decide whether you want to be clothed or unclothed. The only exception is your aquatic body massage treatment, which takes place in swimwear.

Do I need my own towel for a massage?

You will need a towel, which you can borrow on site.

Can I choose who massages me?

If you would like to be massaged by a specific person, please indicate this when making your reservation. The same applies in case you prefer a woman or a man.

Do you offer massages for pregnant women?

We offer special massages for pregnant women, which are tailored to their individual needs and are available from the 2nd trimester. In the case of high-risk pregnancy, massage is generally prohibited. Since not all massages are suitable in the case of pregnancy, we ask for a short note in advance. We will be happy to accommodate you.

Is the intimate area covered during the massage?

Of course we respect your privacy. Even if you opt for a textile-free massage, the intimate area will always be covered with a towel.

Is there an age restriction for treatments?

SPA treatments do not have an age restriction. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied must be accompanied by an adult.

When should I refrain from a massage or aquatic body massage treatment?

Please refrain if any of the following symptoms apply to you: Severe cardiovascular problems, thrombosis, congestive heart failure, hypertension, circulatory problems, arterial occlusive disease, muscle fiber tear, ligament or tendon rupture, acute disc herniation, following recent surgical procedures, myositis, fever or other contagious illness (flu, cold, wisdom tooth surgery), severe inflammation of the respiratory tract, skin rashes, acute injury and surgery, drug and alcohol abuse, severe pain, seizure tendency or epilepsy, diabetes, cancer/tumor, during chemotherapy, open wounds, ear infections, hole in the eardrum, acute psychological damage.

When should parts of the body be excluded from massages?

Massages should not be performed on affected parts of the body with varicose veins, hematomas, cuts, sunburn, rheumatism, edema, skin diseases (fungi, warts, eczema, boils), burns or open wounds and these should be excluded from massages.

Do you offer massages for couples – treatments in the same room?

Due to the space available, we do not offer massages for couples. However, you can have a massage at the same time (depending on availability).

Aquatic Body Massage

What is the difference between a 45, 65 or 85 min. aquatic massage?

45 min - is more for advanced people who already know aquatic bodywork and need only a short relaxation.

65 min. - suitable for everyone, where the aquatic massage is adapted exactly to their needs. Underwater movements are optional.

85 min. - is for water lovers who also like underwater movements as well as appreciate deep relaxation. This session allows full adaptation to their needs and offers a wide range from very intense to deep meditative movements.

I am pregnant, can I use aquatic massage?

Yes, if the pregnancy is without complications, an aquatic body massage is very suitable for a pregnant women. However, in the first twelve and the last two weeks of pregnancy, we do not recommend aquatic body massage treatment.

I can't swim, can I still come to an aquatic body massage?

Of course. The human body floats in salt water during this type of treatment, and the expert hands of our aquatic body massage specialists will safely support you on the surface of the water.

What do I need for an aquatic body massage session?

You need ordinary swimwear that you feel comfortable in. Towel and slippers are also an advantage.

Can I wear jewelry?

The skin in warm water is very sensitive. To avoid injury, please leave your jewelry at home or in your locker.

I would like to book an aquatic massage on a specific day?

Please use our online booking system or email us at with your desired date.

I would like to give away an aquatic body massage. Is this possible?

Yes, feel free to buy a voucher online or on site at the reception. However, tell the recipient about the aquatic massage at least one day before redeeming the gift certificate. Tell in advance what the person receiving the gift expects and that the session will take place in warm water.

Is the entrance fee for the spa included?

No, the entrance fee is not included.

Urban Sports Club

What does my USC membership at Liquidrom include?

With your L, XL membership you can choose in advance between a 2-hour thermal bath or a 25-minute refresher short massage.

Should I reserve my time slot online for my stay in the spa with my USC membership?

The answer is "yes". With an online reservation you can get in safely* and you won't have to wait long. Use our reservation system on this homepage. If you come by spontaneously, you should allow for some waiting time, depending on the time of day. It can also happen that there are no more free timeslots on that day. (*Admission subject to change)

What does the USC Wellness(Therme) include?

You can use our themed area for 2 hours. Sauna, bathrobe, towel etc. can be booked at any time for a fee.

Do I have to book my USC massage in advance?

Yes, please book your massage online in advance under massage bookings, as there are only a few places available on the day. The deposit of € 5.00 will be refunded when you redeem your massage. Please be punctual for your massage appointment.

I have booked a USC massage, can I use it to visit the spa?

Yes and no, you are welcome to use our spa and sauna area with an additional payment for a regular admission ticket. A simultaneous combination of USC Wellness (spa) and USC (massage) is not possible.